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LaTeX class for ETD at Pitt - General Information

The LaTeX class pittetd.cls offers tools for the creation of an ETD following the requirements of the Format Guidelines Manual of Pitt. The core of the class was developed in May-June 2003 by Federico Garcia, for and in collaboration with the ETD Working Group.

On 08/08/03, two students (Rachmadian Wulandana and Pierre Dogning) submitted to their school the first dissertations written with pittetd. This prompted some changes to the template (and to its manual), released on 08/18/03 as version 1.4142. pittetd's debut was a success.

The latest release was put up on 08/17/04. It corrects some minor bugs, makes some measure-adjustments, and has an addition on \lowercase in the manual. It's version 1.618.

The project includes relatively frequent updates, consisting mainly of patches that provide support for LaTeX packages. At the moment, there are patches for

* pitthesis (class for paper-based theses and dissertations)
* pittdiss (class for ETD at the Engineering dept.)

* achicago (package for author-year bibliographies that follow the Chicago Manual of Style)

* showidx (tracking of \index commands, added 07/17/03)

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