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» 11/29/04:New patch added for the acronym package.
» 08/17/04: New release (version 1.618). This version corrects all the bugs reported throughout pittetd's first year of life (mainly one about numbering of the preface, and one about float numbering in appendices). It makes some adjustments to spacing. And it has a new paragraph in the manual, about lowercase in headings.
-------------—-» 03/02/04: Corrected a bug about numbering after \appendix.
» 09/29/03: Correction of one bug that made the bookmarks behave wrongly with pdftex.
» 09/02/03: Minor corrections.
» 08/18/03: New release (version 1.4142) After two dissertations written with pittetd have been submitted to the School of Engineering, a major update incorporating those experience is available. Bugs have been fixed; the font size of the Committee Membership Page reduced; a variant of the abstract environment created for schools that require the word 'ABSTRACT' to appear; the links of table of contents and lists of tables and figures moved to the actual entries (not the page numbers); and all links converted to blue by default. The manual now features a whole new section on final review before submitting.

» 08/05/03: Corrected a bug in the numbering of tables and figures within appendices; added documentation on BibTeX and MakeIndex; new version the Comments.
» 07/31/03: Minor corrections.
» 07/24/03: Important correction to the table environment. Replaced the files pittetd.cls, pittetd.dtx,, and
» 07/21/03: A documentation update. Added were:

1. Comments on using LaTeX for thesis (see Documentation)
2. The Not So Short Introduction to LaTeX2e by Tobias Oberdiek (see Documentation)

3. FAQ about PDFTeX (see Downloads).

» 07/17/03: Added patch for showidx.
» 07/16/03: The main bundle added.

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